Try not to need to stay with Mac, Windows or other paid working frameworks and need to have a go at something new? You might be a man who likes to experiment with various working frameworks or perhaps you simply need to experiment with a working framework in light of the fact that your companions are utilizing it. All things considered, you can discover numerous working frameworks online that are quick and highlight rich. In this article, we’ve recorded the best open source working frameworks that you can keep running on your PC.

You can play with the open source OS, find its tasks and possibly gain from it. Rundown of 8 Best Open Source Operating System 2018 Here is a rundown of the most proficient open source OS for Windows that you can introduce at this moment! Look at them.

8 Best Open Source Operating System 2018


Ubuntu is a Linux-based OS that is considered as a standout amongst the most effective open source working frameworks on the planet. It took a gathering of skilled designers found worldwide to make this undeniable working framework that is quick and highlight rich. Ubuntu incorporates vital programming, for example, a moment emissary, office suite, internet browser, media maps and substantially more. It is the most utilized Linux-based working framework that makes it an ideal contrasting option to Windows or Mac.Ubuntu engineers rehearse the Debian design. Specialists say that Ubuntu is a perfect working framework for old PC and it incorporates the majority of the fundamental applications, for example, Thunderbird, F-Spot, Firefox, Transmission, LibreOffice, Open Office and so on. It is easy to use and perfect to both PC and work area interface. There are two types of the stage in Ubuntu – “non-LTS (Long Term Support) and LTS”. The most recent stable forms of non-LTS and LTS rendition are 17.04 and 16.04 individually. The numbers in the form name indicate year and month. For instance, ’16’ alludes to the year and ’04’ to the month.

Note:- Ubuntu won’t be accessible in the Unity-based work area condition. It will move back to GNOME-based work area. Ubuntu is perfect with relatively every equipment as it’s the most utilized Linux-based working framework and doesn’t require any extra driver to speak with the equipment. Snap here to download the authority Ubuntu programming.

2.Linux Lite

Linux Lite is another free open source working framework that can chip away at bring down end equipment. It’s a lite OS that encourage clients who have lacking learning of a Linux-based working framework. The working framework includes all the fundamental projects, functionalities, apparatuses, and desktop.Linux Lite comprises of a straightforward interface and is totally settled on Ubuntu appropriation. The working framework is steady and has been supporting with customary updates since five years. Linux Lite is effectively useful not long after establishment. Again clients are not required to introduce any extra drivers after establishment. Pick Linux Lite in the event that you need a lightweight open source OS on your PC. Snap here to download Linux Lite.


Fedora is another mainstream Linux-based working framework, which is ostensibly the best open source OS after Ubuntu. Fedora OS is a universally useful OS that is RPM-based, bolstered by Red Hat and outlined by the Fedora Project community.Fedora’s central goal is to make and give an open source bleeding edge innovation for nothing. In this way, Fedora designers make upstream changes in opposition to make settles solely for Fedora. All Linux appropriations can profit by refreshes discharged by Fedora developers.Fedora has a GNOME-based work area that can be redone. Its Fedora Spins highlight can enable you to change and execute varieties in the UI and work area condition. Snap here to download Fedora.

8 Best Open Source Operating System 2018

4.Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a rich Linux-based OS that presentations innovation and influence. It is anything but difficult to-utilize and gives full media bolster, which makes it an easy to use open source OS. Linux Mint is Ubuntu-based and is similarly mainstream among beginners and specialists.

Linux Mint uses Debian design and comprises of a standout amongst the most effective programming administrators. It is hearty and offers preferred visual style over Ubuntu. Snap here to download Linux Mint.


Solus is a free open source working framework that can be utilized on your work area. It is another working framework in the Linux family that was made in 2012. At present, in excess of 6000 enrolled clients are exploiting the software.Features in Solus incorporate VLC, Transmission, OpenShot Video Editor, XChat, Thunderbird, Budgie work area condition, PlayOnLinux, Firefox and LibreOffice Suite. Solus 3, the most recent variant of Solus was discharged on August 2017. The discharge should have a few changes in its Opus encoder and sight and sound filters.Additionally, Flash and Java modules are pre-stacked in Solus. Snap here to download Solus.


Xubuntu is the most mainstream open source working framework for individuals who still utilize old XP machines. Xubuntu is Unix-construct that executes in light of XFCE work area condition. It’s not the same as Ubuntu and contends well with other full-included working frameworks in the rundown. The working framework contains GNOME application reconciliations and an inbuilt printer. In any case, it can be moderate once in a while. Snap here to download Xubuntu.

7.Chrome OS

Chrome OS is somewhat an open source working framework that has numerous appealing highlights. It is a piece of the Chromium and Linux family that has highlights, for example, improved security, bolster for picked Android applications, Chrome applications, Google cloud print, Aura windows administrator, virtual work area get to, incorporated media player and Cloud-based administration. The main issue with the working framework is that it just backings Nexus gadget or its own equipment. Consequently, in the event that you are a Google fan, you can most likely appreciate Chrome OS with Chromebook. Be that as it may, on the off chance that despite everything you need to utilize Chrome OS on your current workstation, click here to download Chrome OS.

8 Best Open Source Operating System 2018

8.React OS

ReactOS is another free open source OS that has almost 1 million downloads in excess of 100 nations. This people group based OS can run Windows applications, which makes it an extraordinary option for Windows working framework. In spite of the fact that ReactOS is as yet developing, clients, who cherish very adaptable working frameworks, can choose ReactOS. In any case, the working framework is engineer centered. Snap here to download ReactOS.These are the best open source working frameworks that can be favored as other options to the paid working frameworks like Mac or Windows. The rundown contains a decent mix of energy and highlights.

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