Linux is a UNIX-base operating system. Its original creator was a Finnish student name Linus Torvalds, although being ‘open source’ it has change a great deal since its original conception. It belongs to nobody, and is free to download and use. Any changes to it are open for all to adopt, and as a result it has developed into a very powerful OS that is rapidly gaining in popularity worldwide, particularly among those seeking an alternative to Windows.

linux opensource OS

Linux is a free software, as defined by the FSF (Free Software Foundation), is a “matter of liberty, not price.” To qualify as free software by FSF standards, you must be able to:

–       Run the program for any purpose you want to, rather than be restricted in what you can use it for.

–       View the program’s source code.

–       Study the program’s source code and modify it if you need to.

–       Share the program with others.

–       Improve the program and release those improvements so that others can use them.


  • One of the significant benefits of open source software such as Linux is that because it has no owner, it can be debugged without resource to a license owner or software proprietor. Businesses therefore have the flexibility to do as they wish with the OS without having to worry about conforming to complex license agreements.
  • The major advantage of Linux is its cost: the core OS is free, while many software applications also come with a GNU General public License. It can also be used simultaneously by large numbers of users without slowing down or freezing and it is very fast. It is an excellent networking platform and performs at optimum efficiency even with little available hard disk space.

Linux also runs on a wide range of hardware types, including PCs, Macs, mainframes, supercomputers, some cell phones and industrial robots. Some prefer to dual-boot Linux and Windows while others prefer Linux and Mac OS. System76 machines come pre-installed with Linux in the form of Ubuntu, a Debian distribution of Linux. This is the most popular distribution of Linux for laptops.

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