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LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) is an online business web directory. We aim at providing high quality service to webmasters, website owners and also organizations in the field of marketing to review the business and include it in our professionally managed business directory,

It is requested that you read the terms and conditions of use before you begin. If you do have any difficulties following or keeping to the terms and conditions of the website, it is requested that you may please not use

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LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) has links to many other websites. However, the websites linked to us are in no way owned or controlled by us. Thus, we assume no responsibility with regard to any content displayed, any links contained on the third party site, operation of the website or any changes displayed on the websites at any point of time. These links are included in LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) only for making it a satisfying experience for our users. The inclusion of the links however, does not convey expressly or in an implied manner any links or association with the sites.

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The editors reserve the right to change or delete the listings on LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) without any notice whatsoever. The websites that do not adhere to the terms and conditions of the directory and also the submission guidelines may be deleted (even after approval) by the editors. The admin and editors decision is final. The listings once published will not be eligible for any kind of refund. However, you do have the option of having the listing permanently deleted at the request of the website owner.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You agree that your use of the business directory, LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog), is solely at your own risk. LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog), expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. We offer no warranty that LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) or any of the related services such as the links, the emails or the search facility provided on the website would be completely error free, on time, secure and uninterrupted or that it will provide specific results from use of the website or any content, search or link therein.

Limitation of Liability

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We do not intend to do any such thing, however, LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) reserves the right to put an end or terminate any services or the website at any given point of time and this may be done with or without prior notification. We would however, be in no way liable to any user or third party for such modification, changes or termination of services. While using the website and all other materials and services provided on the website, LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog), you expressly agree to:

In no way interfere or disrupt any other user in using the website or its services or linked sites.
Strictly not to upload any content through the website LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) that is harmful or illegal material, viruses or destructive material.
In no way would you interfere or disrupt the security of the site or cause any harm to the materials, services, servers, system, networks or the site.

LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) reserves the right to discontinue or terminate your use or access to the website or any part thereof. It is intimated that in case of discontinuing or terminating your access to the site, you are liable to destroy any kind of printed or downloaded material in connection with the website or any of its services.


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Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users is the highest priority for us. You hereby agree to the terms laid down in the Privacy Policy here. While submitting the submission form when you put a tick it implies that you agree to abide by the conditions and accept to be a part of our mailing list. At any point of time if you do not wish to be on our mailing list, you may get in touch with us intimating your desire to be excluded from the mailing list.

Refund Policy

Refund of payment made to listing a website in LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) will be made under the following circumstances:

In case the website that is submitted for review is not accepted and/or listed by the editors.
In case the submission is accepted however, the website is not listed to the satisfaction of the owner of the website.For us at LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open
Directory Project) making it a satisfying experience for you, is our aim. However, inspite of our best efforts if you are not satisfied by the results and would like to have the listing deleted or cancelled, you must make the request for the refund within a period of 30 days of the listing on the directory. Cancellation request for the listing after a period of 30 days will not be entertained and LinuxbyMaster.IN (Open Source Knowledge Blog) is under no obligation whatsoever to make a refund of the fee.
No other conditions for refund would be entertained.

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Please do feel free to contact us at Email : [email protected] for any further assistance or queries.