Gas boilers, electric boilers and cascade - ThermonaThermona, spol. s r.o. is a leading manufacturer of wall-mounted gas boilers, gas condensing boilers and electric boilers.We have dealt in white products since 1990 and throughout this time have been a modern and dynamically developing company.Our THERM products are proof that we fulfil all directives and standards and are subject to consistent output inspections.Gas boilers - ThermonaGas boilers are recommended for households, as well as other civil and industrial buildings.Their advantage is their ability to heat a particular space economically as well producing hot water. They also make an ecological contribution.The existing gas boilers are made so that the pollutant emissions into air are as low as possible.Gas condensing boilers - ThermonaTHERM condensing boilers provide technological and economic savings. Compared with gas boilers, they use hidden combustion heat. Condensing boilers are named after the principle of condensing, which is used during operation. Due to this technology, they achieve up to 108% efficiency.

Stationary condensing boilers - ThermonaStationary condensing boilers based on the principle of condensation are used in reconstructions where they can be installed instead of the current boiler. These are usually rooms with lowered ceilings, such as basements and cellars.All the control elements are modified for the stationary version: they are located on the upper side of the boiler.Premium Boilers THERM 35 | Thermona - YouTubeLearn more about the THERMONA boilers at THERMONA, a Czech producer of gas and electric boilers, presents the company’s new products

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Wall hung atmospheric boilers - ThermonaTraditional gas boilers are recommended for households as well as other civil and industrial buildings.They can be installed particularly when replacing heat sources in older buildings when the existing heating system with traditional panel radiators is retained. Traditional gas boilers are available either for heating the building plus flowing hot utility water as well as water heating in an Boiler Rooms - ThermonaWe help you save money. THERMONA specialises in complete deliveries of plug-and-go gas and electric boiler rooms and the Company is able to implement any solution tailored to your needs in cooperation with its partners, as proven by the many projects implemented both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The implemented projects contain a wide range of objects, from condominiums and blocks of

Condensing Boiler Series and New Products - ThermonaThe CLASSIC Condens gas condensing boiler series includes boilers that operate with natural gas or propane, designed for central heating and household water heating. We are currently offering three output series – 28 kW, 45 kW and 90 kW. These are condensing boilers with an attested and reliable design for heating larger objects.This type of boilers is also ideal for condensing cascade