geezer - Wiktionary2003, Carlton Leach, Muscle, John Blake Publishing →ISBN He turned out to be a proper geezer who was willing to listen to my proposition that if he took the door at the Ministry, I would pay him £400 a month to mark my cards.; 2009, Dreda Say Mitchell, Geezer Girls, Hachette UK →ISBN He was a bit of a geezer.Used to box with the Krays when he was a young &39;un.geezer - Simple English WiktionaryNoun: ·(UK) (informal) A geezer refers to a male person.· (US) (informal) A geezer refers to an old mangeezerish - Wiktionary(slang, Britain) Resembling or characteristic of a geezer, or common man. 2008, Lisa Plumley, Home For The Holidays He wore old-fashioned boxers, she knew (because of the few times his washing machine had been on the fritz and she&39;d let him do laundry at her place), which should have been geezerish but was actually kind of mysterious and sexy

geezer – Wiktionary[1] You are a silly young geezer. Du bist ein dummer, junger Macker. [2] Let&39;s help that old geezer cross the road. Wollen wir diesem alten Mann helfen, die Straße zu überqueren. [3] Our geezer has broken down. Go call the service. Unser Boiler ist kaputt. Ruf die Dienstleistung an.

geezery - Wiktionary(US, informal) Like a geezer: old and senile 1966, Josephine Carson, First Man, Last Man‎[1]: Stayed up thar myself fer a spell - with some geezery ole moonshinersTalk:geezer - WiktionaryNone of the official etymologies of "geezer" explain its common meaning in US English, "a useless old man." I would like to offer a possible explanation: There was a tremendous amount of German immigration to the US in the 19th century, and "giessen" is German for the verb "to water," as in "water the lawn." Germans hearing the word may have geezerly - WiktionaryDefinition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English [] Etymology []. geezer +‎ -ly. Adjective []. geezerly. geezerygeezer – Wikisanakirja - Wiktionarygeezer (monikko geezers) ( brittienglantia, arkikieltä ) mies , hemmo (usein pukumies tms. siistimpi t. perinteisempi) ( amerikanenglantia, arkikieltä ) vanha äijägeyser - Wiktionary(planetology, geology, volcanology) A boiling natural spring which throws forth at frequent intervals jets of water, mud etc., driven up by the expansive power of steam.· (Britain, archaic) An instantaneous, and often dangerous, hot water heater. 1902. William Paton Buchan, Plumbing: A Text-book to the Practice of the Art Or Craft of the Plumber: Where